Curious portrait

dimensions in meters
Ca:1,2 x 1,5 x 0,6
Wooden roots
colour-filters from glass
lenses and Stainless steel
LED lights and battery-pack
plastic model of people






Curious portrait Is a work made during a residency in Bourglinster, Luxembourg.


From the plan to use portrait photographs behind different lenses and filters mounted in wooden constructions. A portrait of a country started to be developed.


Materials I found while having walks was partly degraded roots from fallen trees. They were so much integrated with the landscape and the almost aggressive growing nature, that I found them as irresistible materials to begin with. Among people I saw one obvious struggle and will, to create almost utopic modern building structures aming to get apart and free from the impact of nature.




Slowly I left my first idea and started to work with what I felt and saw. This ended up in the mixed media combination of the wild wood, the perfect stainless steel ball, lenses, filters and the plastic model from an inscrutable family with an untold secret story.




The object was hanging from the celling, with the thoughts of something temporary, limited like a gap in time and space.

Curious portrait