The Daily Temporary

This Project was founded in 2012 by Penka Mincheva Bulgaria and Peter Westman Sweden and is now run by Peter Westman. During the years we had have several guestmembers: Mattias Larson Sweden, Lucy Carolan and Richard Glynn from Wideyed UK.


The artist run newspaper ”Daily Temporary” Is a collaborating on going project, expanding to be an open mobile opportunity and a platform for almost any activity. Future will show.

The latest activity with Daily Temporary was ”Trouble master /unnecessary library & love poetry #2” at ”Supermarket” Stockholm independent art fair -14. There we together with the audience created love poetry. (Look futher down)
The Daily Temporary

14-16 February

Daily Temporary
Project title:
Trouble Master
/ Unnecessary Library
& Love Poetry # 2

Project by:
Penka Mincheva / Bulgaria
and Peter Westman / Sweden

Guest members:
Mattias Larson / Sweden,
Lucy Carolan and Richard Glynn
from Wideyed / UK



Initiative description:
“Daily temporary” is artist-run mobile newspaper following the processes of creation in small art communities. It was established in 2012 by Peter Westman (Sweden) and Penka Mincheva (Bulgaria).
In general the newspaper serves as tool between artists in a small circle (event), where ideas, experience and opinions are shared along with a lot of friendly interventions. Artists are always welcome to contribute material for the newspaper in variable subjects and manner. This way we create an independent platform for various social activities.

At Supermarket 2014 we are presenting the project space ”Trouble Master / Unnecessary Library”. It will display our latest activity and the initiative ”Love Poetry # 2, where Richard Glynn from Wideyed (UK) is invited to have a reading performance of love poetry collectively created at Supermarket (place by our booth, time – daily at 6 pm). In parallel “Radio Temporary” will interact, searching the news as life performance by Mattias Larson (Sweden). Lucy Carolan from Wideyed (UK) will create objects/ installation at the booth and every day we will ask different love questions. Idea, questionnaire and space intervention by Penka Mincheva (Bulgaria) and Peter Westman (Sweden).


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