Peter Westman Was born -65 in Gothenburg Sweden. He got a MFA in sculptor at Konstfack Stockholm -92. In present time Peter lives and work in both Sweden and Greece. Peter has always been working in a conceptual tradition, with many different materials and technics all depending on the conceptual ideas. The fundaments of almost all his ideas are in simple terms coming from basic musings about what we are and the meaning of it all. Often he is looking for expressions, which speaks of contradictory feelings and the answers that never will come. In some works people are involved by their actions, like in the long-term project ”love letters” where Peter is meeting people worldwide and ask them to wright a love letter to a stranger that Peter will meet along is way. All letters are made anonym and the outcome is to spread love among people. The latest work is part of another long-term project started more than ten years ago and has the idea from an abstract or untold Odyssey, with a lonely astronaut on a journey. 




DailyTemporary&Wanderlust at Platforms Project Athens 2023. 

Rosalux at Platforms Project Athens 2023. 

Studio 44 20 years Stockholm 2023. 

20 years-of-Tadlachance Cuges-Les-Pins 2022 Frankrike. 

A Book About Death2019 -”A book about death”,”The Last Waltz” The Islip Art museum NYC, USA. 

2018 -Platform projects Athens. 2016 -”Art in the green box” Gnesta Sweden. ”Guilt” with Bernd Opple Austria, Candyland Stockholm. ”Watertower artfest” Sofia, Bulgaria. 2015 -Slipvillan, Stockholm. 2014 -”Daily Temporary” ”Trouble master /unnecessary library & love poetry #2” at ”Supermarket” Stockholm independent art fair. ”Wonderlust” Process space art festival, Bulgaria. ”Solar crossroads” Fondasió Pilar i Joan Miró a Mallorca (Mallorca translocal meeting) Spain. ”Solar crossroads”Parallax art fair, London. ”Transit Mind” Annexes of Burglinster Castle, Luxembourg. 2013 - ”Hospital for lovers” Sofia Bulgaria. ”Souveniring Futures - Transition” Gallery Huuto, Helsinki Finland. 2012 – Hidden and forbidden Identities, Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice Italy. ”Journey” Galley Studio 44, Stockholm. *Residency / Festival / Fair 2019 -Platforms Project Athens Greece. ”Love letters” Bushwick open studios NYC. 2018 -Platform Projects Athens Greece. 2017 -SchmiedeY Salzburg Austria. Supermarket Stockholm independent artfair. 2016 - ”Love Letters” Watertower artfest, Sofia Bulgaria. ”Love Letters” Supermarket Stockholm independent artfair. 2015 - ”Love Letters” Nomadic Village, Hohe Vand Austria. ”Love Letters” Kultivator anniversary Öland, Sweden. 2014 -Artist-in-residence program at the Annexes of Bourglinster castle. The Ministry of Culture Luxembourg. ”Mallorca translocal meeting”, Spain. Supermarket Stockholm independent artfair. 2013 -Nomadic Village Cuges Les Pins, France. Festival Lomea 2013, Lomea Natural Park, Bulgaria. 2012 -Nomadic Village UK2012, Wolsingham England. 2011 -Watertower artfest, Sofia Bulgaria. Festival Process Space, Baltchik Bulgaria                                                                                                    

* Education
   Houvedskous Målarskola Gothenburg (high school for fine Arts) 1986.
   MFA Konstfack Sculpture Stockholm, 1992 (prof. Vassil Simittchiev).





-12   Journey Studio44, Stockholm
-06   Wågermanska konsthallen, Skärhamn, Sweden.
-01   Olle Olsson Huset, Stockholm, Sweden. 
-00   Gallery Mors Mössa, Göteborg, Sweden.
-98 ”The Peter Westman show”  Art Gallery Varna, Bulgaria.
      ”The Peter Westman show” Stadshus Galleriet, Laholm, Sweden.
-94 ”Longing for the future” an integral installation in Schloss Tarasp,
         Kulturcentrum BINZ -39, Scuol, Switzerland.
-92 ”Strömbågen” fountain-installation, Strömbron, Stockholm.


-14  ”Daily Temporary” ”Trouble master /unnecessary library & love poetry #2” at
       ”Supermarket”  Stockholm 
          independent art fair. Sweden
        ”Wonderlust” Process space art festival. Bulgaria
-13  ”Hospital for Lovers” Sofia, Bulgaria
        ”Souveniring Futures – Transition” , Galley Huuto. Helsinki, Finland
        ”Lomea 2013” Natural Park and City Gallery Rousse, Bulgaria
       ”Nomadic Village 2013” Cuge les Pins, France
-12   Hidden & Forbidden Identities, Palazzo Albrizzi, Venice, Italy
         Arbetslinjen, Studio44 Stockholm, Sweden
         Nomadic Village UK 2012 County Durham, North East England
        Souveniring Futures – In a box, Cirkulationscentralen Malmö, Sweden

-11   Member exhibition Studio44, Stockholm, Sweden.
        ABAD Seattle, Quetzalcoatl Gallery Seattle, USA.
        ”Festival Process-Space 20 Years” Gallery Shipka 6, Sofia and City Gallery
         Rousse, Bulgaria.
        V:art, Värnamo, Sweden.
        Festival ”Water tower art fest” Sofia, Bulgaria.
        ”ABAD The Ties That Binds” Curated by LuAnn T.Palazo) Firehouse Gallery
        N.Y.C. USA.
        Festival ”Process-Space” Balchik, Bulgaria.
        ”Solna skulptörer” Stocksundstorps Kulturgård. Solna, Sweden.
-10   ”Ray Johnson & ABAD” (Curated by Joan Harrison and LuAnn T.Palazo) sal
         gallery N.Y.C. USA.
-09  ”A book about death” (Curated by Matthew Rose) The Emily Harvey
         Foundation N.Y.C. USA.
-07   Atelje- och galleriföreningen Rummet. Allingsås, Sweden.
-03  ”Limbo” Grand Hotell, Uppsala, Sweden.
-02 ”bring-a-long”/”Think-a-long”,”Spelplan Stockholm”, Stockholm, Sweden.
        ”Brukskonst” Wirsbo bruk, Sweden.
        ”Smått” Wågermanska konsthallen, Skärhamn, Sweden.
-00 ”Fortsättning följer” video- and performance-project, during 3 mounts   
         at Karolinska- and Huddinge University Hospitals, Sweden. In cooperating
        with the Swedish actor Åse Nelson.
        Video-performance In cooperating with the Swedish actor Åse Nelson.
         Stockholms Länsmuseum, Sweden.
-98 ”The fifteenth deadline” (first edition), In cooperating with the Danish artist
         Per Traasdahl (Berlin).
         Art gallery Varna, Bulgaria.
        ”Central station art park” Stockholm Centralstation. Sweden.
 -97  ”DUO” In cooperation with the Swedish artist Åsa Hodell, Ekeby Qvarn Art    
          Space, Uppsala, Sweden.
 -96  ”Mankind” Ekeby Qvarn Art Space Uppsala, Sweden.
        ”Filt” Tantolunden Stockholm. ”Gamla Filmstadens dag” Råsunda. Sweden.
 -95  ”Filt” Tantolunden Stockholm, Sweden.
 -93  ”Festival Process-Space” Balchik, Bulgaria.
 -91  ”annex -91” Bonnierhuset, Stockholm, Sweden.
 -90  Overgaden, Köpenhamn, Denmark.
        Gallery Shipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria.
        Parko Eleftherias, Athens, Greece.



* Stipendier.

1998  The east-department of the Danish Institute of Culture, Köpenhamn.
         Nordisk konst och konstindustriell kommitté, Helsingfors. (gemensamt med
         Per Traasdahl, Zürich)
1996  Svenska bildkonstnärs fonden. (arbetsbidrag)
1994  Svenska bildkonstnärs fonden. (arbetsbidrag) Ateljéstipendie Stiftung BINZ-39,
        (Kulturcentrum BINZ -39 Scuol) Schweiz
1993  Svenska institutet. (för utställning i Bulgarien)